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As a national importer and brand developer of craft alcohol, we maintain a strong belief in providing "a complete service to the industry". Sundance Spirits Company offers a wide variety of advisory, brand development, sales management, marketing and regulatory compliance solutions for domestic and imported alcoholic beverage brands of any size and at every stage of growth. To better serve our industry clients, we stay ahead of critical issues by immersing ourselves in the information stream and playing an active role in the industry. Our goal is to help equip your business with the fundamental financial and operational strength it needs to grow and thrive so you can focus on what you love most—the art of creating great products.


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In the United States, at the federal level, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury (TTB) regulates the spirits and wine industry with respect to the production, blending, bottling, labeling, sales, advertising, and transportation of beverage alcohol. Similar regulatory regimes exist at the state level as well. To ensure compliance with numerous laws and regulations governing the alcoholic beverage industry, Sundance Spirits Company maintains an infrastructure of federal and state licenses and permits.

We also apply for TTB Certificates of Label Approvals (COLAs), handle formula reviews and TTB Laboratory submissions, register our brands in all states where business is conducted and manage required reporting, distributor appointments, bonds and price postings. Compliance management is challenging and complex. Our experts have the knowledge and experience to handle your work in a professional and timely manner, whether you are an industry novice or the largest supplier of alcoholic beverages.

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Working closely with licensed Customs brokers, we specialize in streamline importation of alcoholic spirits, wine and beer to the United States. We handle the compliance and paperwork required to satisfy the rules imposed on commercial alcohol shipments by such government agencies as The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Customs and Border Protection agency (CBP).

We manage our suppliers’ logistics requirements, including ocean freight and in-land transportation. We handle both 20- and 40-foot container cargos and Less Than Truckload (LTL) freights. Our brands’ inventory is warehoused in Customs-bonded warehouses, in major transportation hubs, to ensure optimal freight rates. We also handle sample shipping by obtaining required COLA Waivers from TTB, filing FDA Prior Notices to satisfy the FDA requirements of the Bioterrorism Act of 2002 and facilitating the Customs clearance procedure.

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We Create Designs and Strategies.


In the United States, which generally prohibits spirits and wine manufacturers from selling their products directly to consumers, we sell our brands either to distributors or (in states that directly control alcohol sales) to state governments that then sell to retail customers and consumers. Our team of continuously evolving marketing and sales professionals work alongside our wholesale partners, acting as local brand advocates for consumers and key retail accounts.

Alcohol industry is highly competitive. Brand recognition, brand provenance, quality of product and packaging, flavor profile, and price affect consumers’ choices among competing brands. To influence consumers’ buying decisions we develop and execute creative marketing campaigns that include advertising, merchandising in bars, restaurants, and shops, expert endorsements, social media and word of mouth. Our dedicated tasting events department handles brand activations and promotions throughout the country, educating customers and promoting sales.

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We are a Brand Marketing Agency


If you are looking to create your own unique custom brand of distilled spirits, liqueurs, RTDs and cordials, as well as craft beers and flavored malt alternatives, we offer consulting and product sourcing to help you achieve your dream. We are able to leverage our well-established global product sourcing network to create private label beverages to suit any taste or budget.

We will walk you through choosing of brand name, trademark search and registration, label and packaging design, sourcing and creation of the custom recipe and help you through myriad of state and federal taxation rules, all in complete confidentiality. Do you need help with sales or marketing? Using our expertise and experience, we create effective routes to market for our clients, from concept to distillery, then to the shelf.

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We Work with Artisanal Craftspeople


The alcohol industry faces significant business challenges: rapid industry consolidation, unprecedented levels of international competition, changing consumer preferences and demographics, and increasingly complex distribution networks and risk management issues. We’ve been there every step of the way, working alongside wine, beer, and spirits producers, suppliers, and distributors across the United States. Each industry segment has its own unique set of challenges and we’re here to help.

Sundance Spirits Company provides advisory services to clients in the alcoholic beverage market. We provide guidance and support in a wide range of scenarios, including: product evaluation, brand development, route-to-market planning, sales growth acceleration and strategy development.

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We Offer Extensive Industry Knowledge and Effective Solutions from Concept to Market

We represent craft alcohol beverage suppliers that value our expertise and capabilities as inspired brand-developers who are focused on quality, authenticity and personal touch. We achieve our goals by working collaboratively with our esteemed trade partners, which count some of the most respected distribution companies in the US.
Our Distribution Partners
We believe that successful brands have to be built each and every day. This endevour requires steady doses of investment and creativity, as well as a deep understanding of a brand’s consumer and trade dynamics.
Our strength
Our federal importer and wholesaler permits, as well as an infrastructure of state licenses, allow us to import spirits, wine and beer from any part of the world. We purchase them for resale and deliver them to trade accounts located in every key consumption market in the U.S.
To make sure every brand we represent reaches commercial success, we collaborate with craft makers through the brand building process – from developing a unique identity that appeals to target customers, to designing marketing campaigns that result in customer engagement and boosted sales.
Our experienced senior sales managers work relentlessly alongside our wholesale and retail partners to develop and maintain efficient route-to-market channels. They help independent brands successfully navigate a challenging three-tier environment and act as dedicated brand advocates.
With our distribution partners, we maintain and expand a framework of national and regional chain buyers and are committed to providing them with the necessary marketing and promotional support that brands need for high inventory rates.
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Cost-Efficient but Highly-Effective Solutions for Improved Sales
PRIVATE LABEL development

Want to stay ahead of competitors? We can help you develop private label spirits for your specific requirements with very short lead times, thanks to our extensive, well-established supply chain and long-standing relationships with craft spirits manufacturers. Our private label consulting service can include product sourcing, recipe formulation, custom recipe blending, label design, and logistics.

01. Global product sourcing We collaborate with private label owners and their team, to provide support in sourcing components that they need from around the world, no matter the distance.
02. Branding and Packaging Design. We personally consult with every client to turn their profit goals into beautiful packaging that resonates with modern American consumers.
03. Positioning and Market Strategy In order to get consumers in the U.S. to find your product, you have to get it in the right place. That’s why we cultivate relationships with retailer advocates across the country.

Our Process


We’ll discuss your sales goals as well as obstacles in the U.S. alcoholic beverage market, to provide the most effective and customized route-to-market plan for you and your team.


We’ll begin designing your product’s new life cycle by taking your vision and turning it into a hard-working brand strategy, using product segmentation analysis, market research, and modern consumer trend data.


Using inventory management techniques along with our network of retailers, we’ll set your brand up for consistent sales and success with consumers at on- and off-site locations.


We maintain relationships in our global supply chain, so we can scale the brands we work with and stay ahead of developments in the always-changing U.S. alcoholic beverage market.