Sundance Spirits Company
We Are a Brand Builder, Importer and Marketer of Artisanal Spirits, Wine and Malt Beverages.


We focus on brands handcrafted by independent distilleries, wineries and breweries, that offer U.S. consumers unrivaled quality, original ingredients and flavors, innovative artisanal production techniques as well as compelling brand stories.

Sundance Spirits Company was founded in 2016 by Marina Wilson, a long-time industry executive with extensive hands-on experience in brand development, global product sourcing, marketing and sales. We hold Federal Importer and Wholesaler permits, as well as a regularly maintained infrastructure of licenses and permits, which allows us to import wine, spirits, and malt beverages into the U.S. We also transport, warehouse, and sell beverage alcohol to distributors, in compliance with federal and state laws and regulations.

Company Profile
Sundance Spirits Company is a full-service national importer and brand developer with a passion for integrity, craftsmanship and authenticity.

Working with established and emerging brands alike, Sundance Spirits Company offers reliable, all-inclusive and fully customized services designed to help our suppliers gain entry into the burgeoning but extremely competitive and highly regulated U.S. alcoholic beverage market. We help our clients reach their sales and profitability goals by handling all aspects of the route to market process, including: brand development, regulatory compliance, logistics, marketing, sales and customer service.

For distributors and retail accounts, we offer a wide range of unique beverage alcohol products that adapt to today’s ever-changing culture, appeal to modern U.S. customers, and have a high growth potential. Our trade buyers benefit from the support of our dedicated sales team, depth of industry knowledge and marketing efforts.

Our Services
The Foundation of Success
Building brands that deliver value and last.


Sourcing and
Brand Development

To ensure that our brands stay relevant in today’s market, we build them with consumers in mind. From flavor profiles to aspirational packaging, we skillfully balance innovation and tradition.


Sales and Product Placements

We cover all major markets for alcohol consumption and our knowledgeable sales team works collaboratively with our wholesale and retail partners to grow our brands’ distribution in the U.S.


and Promotions

By conducting creative and efficient promotional campaigns, we build brand recognition and loyalty with consumers, cultivating retailer advocacy and developing fruitful relationships with our trade buyers.

Mission Statement
We are committed to independent, family-owned American and foreign producers of craft spirits, wine and beer.
Our company is built on a vision – a vision of a thriving market where consumers yearning for authentic craft alcohol can enjoy its improved availability and variety in their favorite retail establishments, while sales benefit artisans, their families and communities.
Our Values

Our values are built on genuine appreciation of artisanal beverages and respect to each craftsman’s hard work and commitment to quality. To help these producers establish and manage successful brands, we’ve built our company on teamwork, professionalism and dedication to delivering results in a highly competitive market.

Our Mission

The mission of Sundance Spirits Company is to help foreign and domestic suppliers of craft alcohol, expanding the availability of their products in the U.S. by raising consumer appreciation of artisanal beverages. We do this by developing efficient routes-to-market and building support from distributors and retailers.

Trade Affiliations
Why Work with Us
Sundance Spirits Company holds a Federal Basic Permit for importation of spirits, wine and malt beverages as well as a Federal Wholesaler Permit and an extensive number of state licenses. These allow us to legally import alcoholic beverages in the U.S. and to purchase them for resale.
Sundance Spirits Company delivers a complete suite of productivity-enhancing services related to the importation and sales of distilled spirits, wine and malt beverages in the U.S. This includes the procurement and maintenance of required approvals required to ensure compliance with laws administered by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP), as well as numerous State and local authorities that regulate the sales and consumption of alcohol.
Our comprehensive custom-built sales and marketing programs are designed to assist foreign and domestic craft beverage makers in efficiently and cost-effectively introducing their products to the highly competitive U.S. market. We help them successfully navigate a complex three-tier distribution system that governs the sales of beverage alcohol. With most distributors’ attention on mass-produced, powerhouse brands supplied by international conglomerates, our brand-building programs help independent, craft producers get their beverages into the hands of U.S. consumers.
IIn a competitive and saturated U.S. alcoholic beverage market, effective advertising and promotions are essential to build a successful brand. Marketing is not only crucial in getting your product noticed by consumers but is also a vital tool needed to support distributor sales and establish retailer advocacy. From sales-converting tasting programs to effective digital marketing, we help our clients create brand recognition and nurture customer loyalty.
Our focus has always been on craft beverage alcohol. Establishing and growing independent brands in the U.S. market is a very challenging task, since small producers are often at a disadvantage when it comes to marketing funds or distributor attention. By working with artisanal brands for many years, we’ve developed a set of successful tools and strategies that get them sales and placements at premium retail chains.